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Your Attendees Expect Seamless, Accurate, Instant Information … And Fun.

Mobilized Meetings delivers.

    Registering is quick, easy and supported by a sophisticated back end
    Attendees know what to attend, where to go and if last-minute changes are made.
    Don't worry about uploading content and media to the app. You send us content and our team handles the rest.
    The app engages attendees, inviting them to team, collaborate and cooperate to answer questions posed.
    We’re with you 24/7! From the start of the project through event completion. Enjoy on-site or phone support.
    We'll incorporate your logo, color palette, key sponsor brands and more into every aspect of visible screens.

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Developed by meeting planners - field tested by meeting attendees - Mobilized Meetings delivers the features that mean business.

Turn Passive Attendees into Active Participants

Mobilized Meetings offers a basic game as part of the purchase. However, we also are available to gamify custom concepts to match the meeting’s purpose.

The basic game provided is a puzzle and operates as follows: 

  • An image is split into 12 tiles; the game starts with these tiles covered. 
  • Each tile has a question on it.  When the question is correctly answered,  a part of the image is revealed. 
  • The goal of the game is to uncover all the pieces to solve the puzzle. Attendees are in teams (3-10 players per team is ideal). Each team member see the same puzzle and can individually “claim” a question and answer it, and his/her performance impacts the entire team. 
  • To keep teaming lively, engaging and productive, during the conference, we advise posting two puzzles per day.
  • Standings are available and posted in the app and also can be reached online. A rules page, team page and a game intro also are included.
  • The game can be locked (e.g., during presentations). Each puzzle can be opened one-by-one on a different day/time.


Why Mobilized Meetings?

While there are a number of event apps available, only Mobilized Meetings offers a broad spectrum of features and functions, paired with completely customized gaming for each client event and affordably priced, fixed-fee, package pricing that meeting managers want.

Full-Service Experience

  • Content Management
  • Custom Branding
  • Onsite or Phone Support
  • iOS & Android

Flexibility & Scalability

  • Unique Customization
  • 3rd Party Software Integration
  • iBeacon Integration
  • Offline Mode


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The event app that revolutionizes the attendee experience. Mobilized Meetings delivers bottom-line success. That is why Fortune 150 companies use us to manage every aspect of meetings from small to large, local to global.